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Locky Morris (b. Derry,  Northern Ireland, 1960)



2016/17 Stop Lookin' at Photographs, Naughton Gallery, Queens                            University, Belfast.

2013/14 Dead On,  Public Artwork with sound on a dead tree, Brooke                    Park, Derry, Void Sites, Artists' garden, Derry (Dec 2013-April 2014)

2013  A Week in Goals,  new and recent work, Creggan, Derry (Oct-Dec)

2011  This Then, Regional Cultural Centre, Donegal, Ireland

2011  Window Sill, Context Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland

2010  From Day One, Mother’s tankstation, Dublin

2010  This Then, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

2008  Me and my shadow, Mannheimer Kunstverein, Germany

2006  Polestar, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

2005  Premises, 3 works for 3 shops, Derry

2002  Home Entertainment, Orchard Gallery, Derry

  Atlantic Drift, City Council Offices, Strand Road, Derry

2000  The Work of a Dog, Context Gallery, Derry

  A Day’s Work (permanent video work) Mullan’s Bar,
           Little James’ St, Derry

  Past Conversation (installation using sound), Old Bookies,
            Chamberlain Street, Derry

1994  Comm II, Orchard Gallery, Derry

  Comm, Cornerhouse, Manchester

  Sculpture at the Centre, Pilot’s Row Community Centre, Derry

1988  Art in Conflict, Donegal County Museum, Letterkenny

  Flight of the Cooker, Pilot’s Row Community Centre, Derry

  In Their Place, Nine Sculptures for Derry City Walls, City Council Arts

  Sculpture, Orchard Gallery, Derry

Locky Morris was born in Derry City, Northern Ireland, where he continues to live and work. Most of his energy and preoccupations are put into a life as an artist working with photography, found objects, installation, text, sound and video, although he is also a musician and songwriter. 
Within artwork that has spanned three decades there has been a persistent recurring focus centred around his immediate terrain. His current practice, has for the most part, been marked by a concentration on the familial and the familiar - sourcing a large amount of his material directly from the interstices and interactions of life, '..where it seems as if he is trying to establish the border between humanity and the appearance of humanity..'. Often underpinned by humour and sometimes triggered by what he refers to as 'daily epiphanies' his assemblages place an emphasis on observation, perceptual manipulation and the physical nature of sound - with the equipment itself playing an integral part. The work which is frequently described in terms of a multi-layered dark poetry, touches on a broad range of subjects, from the highly personal to the public and political.
During the 80s and 90s he became known for producing work that referred and reacted explicitly to the Northern Irish conflict. Some early pieces was shown in the British Art Show touring Britain (1990), and New North (1990) and Strongholds (1991) at the Tate Gallery, Liverpool, while also being exhibited in his local neighbourhood, in places like disused bookmakers, community centres and vacant premises. He maintains this approach with upcoming projects in alternative spaces and continues to exhibit widely with recent solo presentations at the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, Mannheimer Kunstverein, Germany and Mothers Tankstation, Dublin, along with group exhibitions at the Model, Sligo, Tulca festival, Galway, White Box Gallery and Apexart in New York City.


1979-80  University of Ulster, Jordanstown, Belfast

1980-83  Manchester Polytechnic, Manchester, England


2017  So It Is, Mattress Factory Art Museum, Pittsburgh, PA. USA

2014/15 Invisible Violence, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade,                        Serbia. Artium, Basque Museum- Centre for Contemporary Art-                    Vitoria, Spain

2014   Art of The Troubles, Ulster Museum, Belfast.

           The Faraway Nearby, FE Mc Williams Gallery, Banbridge.                                Re-Framing the Domestic in Irish Art, Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda,              Ireland

2013  Tomorrows Almost Over, Void, Derry

  All Humans Do, White Box, Broome St, New York City -Toured to
           The Model, Sligo, Ireland                    

2012  Are We There Yet, Glenties, The Warehouse, Donegal, Ireland

2012  You Are Now Entering, Centre for Contemporary Art
            Derry-Londonderry, Derry

2012  What became of the people we used to be?  Tulca Festival,
            Galway, Ireland

2011  The Walls That Divide Us, Apexart, Church Street, NYC,

2009  Fantopia. A state of impossible perfection. Or, how to live with
            perfect people (and not kill them)
, Mother’s tankstation, Dublin,

2008  A Shout in the Street, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast,

2007  Things we may have missed, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast,

2006  The Disembodied Eye, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

2006  Dogs Have No Religion, Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Prague
           (toured to Tralee)

  The Trouble with Talkies, ADI Space, London

B-Lomo (artists engage with Leopold Bloom), Context Gallery,

 Something Else: Contemporary Art From Ireland, Turku Art
           Museum; Amos Anderson
 Art Museum, Helsinki; Oulu City
           Art Museum; Joensuu Art Museum

  Small Steps, Context Gallery, Derry; Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin

2001  Bloody Sunday (with Willie Doherty and Philip Napier),
            Orchard Gallery, Derry

  In Search of Experience – Reconsidering the Readymade,
            Green on Red Gallery, Dublin

2000  Small Steps, The Ellipse Art Centre, Washington

2000  One of those Days, Mannheimer Kunstverein, Germany

  Culture in Conflict, The Puffin Room, New York

1996  L’Imaginaire Irlandais, L’École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts,

  Dirty, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

  Schnittstellen, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Germany

1992  In-between, XLV Bienalle Venezia ( part of an artwork for the
            Turkish Pavilion – Adam Yilmaz/Jarg Geismer) 

1991  Kunst Europa, Mannheimer Kunstverein, Germany

1991  Strongholds, Tate Gallery, Liverpool

1990  British Art Show, McLelland Galleries, Glasgow;
            Leeds City Art Gallery; Hayward Gallery, London

1990  New North, Tate Gallery, Liverpool; Laing Gallery, Newcastle;
            Third Eye Centre, Glasgow; Orchard Gallery, Derry,
            Mappin Gallery, Sheffield

  GPA Awards for Emerging Artists, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin

1988  Sculpture Open ’88, City Centre, Dublin

  Directions Out, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin

1887  State of the Nation, Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry

1986  Place as Object, Art and Research Exchange, Belfast

1986  Political Life, Cornerhouse, Manchester

  New Art From Manchester, Salford Art Gallery

1984  Object Matters, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool

1984  Irish Exhibition of Living Art, Guinness Hop Store, Dublin


  Visual Arts Award, Arts Council of Northern Ireland

  Major Individual Artist Award, Arts Council of Northern Ireland

  Art for Architecture Award, RSA, London

  Visual Arts Award, Arts Council of Northern Ireland

  Visual Arts Award, Arts Council of Northern Ireland

  Visual Arts Award, Arts Council of Northern Ireland

 GPA Award for emerging artists

  Visual Arts Awards, Arts Council of Northern Ireland


2014  Art and Architecture of Ireland, Volume 3 : Sculptors 1600 – 2000                The Royal Irish Academy and Yale University Press in 2014. 

          Invisible Violence, Catalogue, Museum of Contemporary Art,                         Belgrade,/Artium, Basque Museum- Centre for Contemporary Art,               Spain 

          Old Borders, New Technologies, Re-Framing Film and Visual Culture            in Contemporary Northern Ireland, by Paula Blair. Peter Lang                      International Academic Publishers

          The Faraway Nearby, Catalogue, FE McWilliams Gallery, Banbridge

2013  A Week in Goals, Locky Morris. Catalogue and text by Declan                        Sheehan. Who Made You The Centre Of The Universe

           Art In Ireland since 1910  by Fionna Barber, Reaktion Books

2010  Mother’s Annual, Everyman’s Antacid Antidiscipline,  
Luke Clancy,
            Mother's Tankstation  

  Conspiracy Dwellings: Surveillance in Contemporary Art,
            Outi Remes and Pam Skelton,  Cambridge Scholar Publishing

2010  This Then, Locky Morris, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast/Regional
            Cultural Centre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

  A Shout in the Street: Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art,
           Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

  Art and the Disembodied Eye: Collective Histories of Northern
           Irish Art, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

  Dogs Have No Religion, exh. cat., Czech Museum Of Fine Arts
            Locky Morris: Lucky, Declan Sheehan

2006  Two Minds, Artists and Architects in collaboration, Jes Fernie (ed.),
            Black Dog Publishing Ltd, London

 Notes on ‘Itch’, by Locky Morris Anne Tallentire, 1+1+1, Issue 2,
            Double Agents, London

  Peace and Queues  Padraig Timoney,  Locky Morris,
           Conor Mc Feely, Texts for Home Entertainment, exh. cat.
           (unpublished), Orchard Gallery, Derry

Something Else: Contemporary Art from Ireland, exh. cat.,
            Turku Art Museum, Finland

The Following is an Extract from Full Circle, collaborative
            sound work with Conor Mc Feely (Anne Tallentire/John Seth,
 ) exh. cat. (CD insert), Orchard Gallery, Derry

2000  One of Those Days,  exh. cat., Mannheimer Kunstverein, Germany

 The Work of a Dog,  exh. cat., Context Gallery, Derry

2000  Practise, Practice,  In Context,  Context Gallery, Derry

2000  Small Steps, Caoimhín Mac Giolla Leith,  exh. cat., Kaleidoscope

  Modern Irish Art, Dorothy Walker, Lilliput Press, Dublin

1997  Home Economics,  Locky Morris,  text for Popular Mechanics,
            Conor Mc Feely,  Context Gallery, Derry

1996  L'imaginaire Irlandais, exh. cat., L’École supérieure des beaux-arts,

1996  Thinking LongContemporary Art in the North of Ireland, Liam Kelly,
            Gandon Editions

 Hygiene, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

1994  Comm, Angela Kingston,  exh. cat. /artist’s book, Orchard Gallery,

1994  Schnittstellen, exh. cat. Heidelberger Kunstverein, Germany

1994  The City as Art: Interrogating the Polis, Liam Kelly (ed) A. I. C. A.

Kunst Europa, exh. cat.,  Mannheimer Kunstverein, Germany

1993  Irrland Ireland Irland, Jurgen Schneider, Sonnerband der edition
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Strongholds, exh. cat., Tate Gallery, Liverpool

  British Art Show, exh. cat., Hayward Gallery, London

1990  New North, exh. cat.,  Tate Gallery, Liverpool

  GPA Awards for Emerging Artists, Exh. Cat. Douglas Hyde Gallery,

1997  Directions Out, exh. cat.,  Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin


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Locky Morris ©