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'...Locky Morris (born Derry, Northern Ireland) is a perfect temporal inheritor of the idea of uninheritability, a quintessentially post-historical artist. His work is in and of the everyday, out of history yet immersed in it. His densely intelligent art looks just like life, and most particularly his life. Therefore it simultaneously looks like everything around us, and absolutely nothing else at all.  By Danto’s determination, his art is genuinely (in the only true sense of the word), unique and post-historical, outside any time other than its own. With evident delight and humour Morris magnifies seemingly insignificant details of everyday life, piles of washing, cups of tea, chewed pencils – daily epiphanies, as he describes them – until they acquire the complexites and emotional profundity of an operatic aria.  We laugh and cry at them and with them in equal measure. When the artist’s intention reveals itself to the viewer – and it often tends to do so in a slow and deliberate manner – these apparently ordinary things transmute into iconic and irreplaceable things, systematically unveiling Morris’ extraordinary capacities for observation and perceptual manipulation....'
Extract  From Day One  – Mother's Tankstation 


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